Wikipedia: “American Wrestlers is an indie rock act, formed in 2014 by Scottish musician Gary McClure.
Following the break-up of his band, Working for a Nuclear Free City, and the release of his debut solo album, Wreaths (2013), McLure moved from Manchester, England to St. Louis, Missouri to marry his then-girlfriend, Bridgette Imperial. McClure subsequently recorded American Wrestler’s self-titled debut at the couple’s home, on an eight-track Tascam recorder.[1]
American Wrestlers was initially released for free on BandCamp.[1] After receiving attention from various music blogs and websites, Fat Possum Records re-released the album in 2015. Following the release of the album, McClure assembled a band, including Imperial on keyboard and rhythm guitar, bassist Ian Reitz, and drummer Josh Van Hoorebeke.”

This performance was captured at Yaquis Pizza, on Cherokee St. in St. Louis.