I an idea for a project like this rattling around in my brain for a while; to shoot live performances in a unique space in the simplest way possible. I approached City Museum with this idea and they loved it. So in January I started approaching artists to see if who would be interested in doing this. I’ve gotten a great response from everyone so far. Amazingly some of them have offered to even write a song just for the occasion. I’m approaching this more like an art project than anything.

I’ll do a series of 10 or 15 of these this year at City Museum and maybe next year I’ll do another series exploring another space with another group of musicians.

So this series is called City Sessions.  If you’ve never been to City Museum in St. Louis you really have to go. There isn’t another place like it in the world. Conceived and designed by artist Bob Cassilly, it’s much more than a museum really. He’s taken a large old industrial building in downtown St. Louis (a former shoe factory to be exact) and turned it into a enormous whimsical sculpture thats full of all kinds of spaces to explore and enjoy. It really can’t be accurately described with words. It really needs to be seen to be believed. Hopefully the videos in this series will help you catch a glimpse of the glory that is City Museum.

I want to thank Don Stueck of City Museum for staying late some nights and helping me get access to the building for this crazy thing, and Matt Giant for helping me with the audio.

About me: My name is Bill Streeter, and I’m best known for my other video project LO-FI SAINT LOUIS. You can see that here.