Demonlover performing “Tequila Rockingbird” at El Torito Market on Cherokee St. As we understand it, Demon Lover is a project that came from the ashes of the band Theodore. These guys are multi-instrumentalists and you can tell they enjoy experimenting with non-traditional musical instruments often switching them up in the middle of the song. I think everyone who was at this shoot was taken with this band and the setting in the middle of Cherokees largest market.

El Torito (2753 Cherokee Street) is a Mexican supermarket that carries almost any kind of ingredient you might need to make your own Mexican feast as well as dry goods, clothing, and cookware.

This is number seven of fourteen (half way!) music videos we shot on April 7th in St. Louis on Cherokee street. We’ll be posting them every Tuesday and Thursday for the next few weeks. Full project credits here.

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