If you own the Nuggets box set you may know this band from Keokuk Iowa and their contribution to the set Blackout of Gretely. If you don’t know what Nuggets is, it was a collection of music recorded in the original “punk” era complied by Lenny Kaye, guitarist for the Patti Smith group. The first version was released in the early 70’s and was released again with new material in the late 1908’s. You can read more about it here.

Gonn (who was included on the second release of Nuggets) formed and recorded a few songs and played a few gigs in the mid 60’s and they probably thought that was the end of their carreer as a band. Not an a-typical garage band story. Well several years later–nearly 20 in fact there was a resurgence of interest in mid 60’s Garage Rock and collectors snapped up almost any recording they could find of a lot of these mostly unknown acts from the 60’s. Blackout of Gretely was considered a gem of the era and soon Craig Moore began getting people showing up at his house looking for copies of it.

I got the chance to catch up with Gonn at a reunion show that they played here in St. Louis.