On the 4th level of City Museum is a exhibit of building ornamentation; terra cota, marble, concrete decorations the kinds you never see on new buildings. The stuff that normally ends up in a dump somewhere when an old relic of the past is cast carelessly aside in favor of something new and modern, and more often than not, of inferior character. City Museum has managed to salvage a few of these bits and put them on display so people can see how buildings were once built and how much care was put into even the facades. This is the space that Jason Hutto chose to perform for my camera.

Jason is a veteran of more bands that I know. If the universe were fair and just he would be rich and famous. But he’s not. He bangs away with his bands at night and makes a living doing something else. For most artists thats just as well. Wealth and fame aren’t all they seem to be. What is important to a true artist is the work, if the work is good thats all that matters in the end. That we’ve made our mark on the world in even a small way.

While Jason is a talented song writer in his own right, the song he chose to perform here is a song written about him, by someone else, for him, and about him. We should all be so lucky.