If you ran into the Rum Drum Ramblers on the street you might mistake them for typical hipster kids looking for a good time. Well you would have the looking for a good time part about right, but these hipster kids are anything but typical. Theyre a group of very talented musicians who play old time blues with just a touch of ragtimemost certainly NOT hipster music.

It seems like Monday nights have been the time most convenient for all involved to record these sessions. So here we were on yet another Monday night at City Museum looking for a room to shoot in. I originally had the idea that they ride on the miniature train on the 3rd floor, but one look at the tunnel it went through and comparing it to the upright bass they brought made it apparent that that wasnt going to happen. So finally we settled on the vintage hardwood bar in the great room leading into the architecture hall.

These guys are certainly dynamic performers, so if you happen to get the opportunity to see them live, do. You wont be sorry.