I think it’s time to bring back the Lo-Fi Sessions, don’t you? The Blind Eyes have been kicking around St. Louis in one form or another for about five or six years now.

Well … that’s not exactly true.

The Blind Eyes are a distinctly different project from these three guys previous band The Gentleman Callers which shared the same members but played a distinctly different kind of music. The Gentleman callers were more of a 1960’s style garage band. The Blind Eyes follow a later tradition of music, starting out with heavy influence of the late 1970’s English Mod revival bands like the Jam but has matured into a sound of their own.

We spent a little time scoping out the museum to find an ideal spot to record this and somehow ended up inside the skeletal remains of one of the Lear jets that sit atop the Mad Max like jungle gym entitled MonstroCity. I managed to stream some of this exploration live to Justin.tv and later moved it over to YouTube for posterity and editing. I’m including it here for your enjoyment (or not as the case may be).

The songs here are “Pages” and “into the Breach.” Both songs are from their regular set but are the first time they’ve been played acoustically, since, normally The Blind Eyes are all electric.

Download this video.