I have a guilty pleasure. It's called Bluegrass. Something about it just gets me right about there and won't let go. Maybe it's the break neck speed that it's played or the singing fiddles or I just don't know. I really really dig it. The Monads arrived at City Museum just after I did. It was raining and really quite nasty out. Once inside they decided that they wanted to perform around the grand staircase that is at the heart of the museum. This particular staircase is indicative of the ascetic of the museum. Whimsical almost to the point of absurd. It's a good example of how the entire building has been made into a work of art. I haven't recorded a band in this series yet so this particular shoot had it's own challenges mostly in the audio department which I must say that Matt Giant the audio help on this project overcame splendidly. Oh, and I should mention that the Monads have a new CD out. I'm sure you could purchase one if you were so inclined (and asked nicely).