Theodore is a band that I’ve been wanting to get for a session for a long time now. I had them in mind since the first batch I put together a couple of years ago. For some reason it never worked out.

This one was recorded later than most of the other sessions. We met at the museum around nine pm and we didn’t leave until after midnight. And in case you can’t tell, this video was recorded in City Museum’s Enchanted Caves. The first time we’ve shot there since the Irene Allen session.

Theodore is definately a ‘Lo-Fi’ band in the most literal sense. They rolled in with a bunch of toy instruments and some circuit bent gadgets. I’m not even sure they got to play them all. I’m not sure how much they even plan which instruments they’re going to play. I got the feeling from the short time we were together that they kind of thrive on playing right at the edge of chaos.

This video is long, over 15 minutes. I hope you can stay and watch the whole thing. I think it’s worth it. They play three songs here, Butcherbird and a combo of Daisies Never Tell/Death’s Head.

Also we have been getting a lot of questions about the sound on these sessions. For that all credit goes to Matt Giant for the great job he does on the sound. This particular video is exceptional in that regard.

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