Do you like math rock? Do you like weird tempo changes and complex riffs? To you like to have your mind blown? Might we recommend some Yowie? They’re good at all that stuff.

Official Bio: “Yowie is a band from St. Louis, Missouri, founded in 2000. The band was formerly made up of Jeremiah Wonsewitz on electric guitar, Jimbo “Moppy” on electric guitar and Shawn O’Connor “The Defenestrator” on drums. Yowie plays a complex style of unprocessed instrumental progressive rock, composed of meticulously arranged pieces, with many polyrhythms and odd time signatures. There have been many attempts at describing Yowie’s unique sound, such as by Diana Benanti of the Riverfront Times, saying that “Music like this can’t be made by mere people and yet, you couldn’t write a computer program capable of producing this kind of brain damage. It’s so grand in composition but honed and microperfected until words like ‘tempo,’ ‘rhythm’ and ‘melody’ become meaningless abstractions”