Here are the final nine acts that we have for our lineup for this year. We are very proud to have all these amazing musicians to collaborate with this year.

All biographies are submitted by the artists.

Auset Music Project

Singer-Songwriter Auset fronts this unique alt-folk-trip-rock project featuring Brad Sarno on pedal steel / electric guitar and Stephen Nowels on bass. Described as “beauty with grit”, Auset’s songs travel through big open spaces of gorgeous melodies and driving hypnotic rhythms.

Super Hero Killer

Super Hero Killer is a funky soul band from St. Louis, MO formed in 2011.
The members are drummer Grover Stewart, keyboardist Jesse Gannon, keyboardist
Mr. (Justin) Barksdale, guitarist Jay Summers, and bassist/lead vocalist/songwriter
Donald Williams who also uses the band moniker when performing and collaborating
with other artists. While the band is influenced by late 60s psychedelic soul, 70s and
80s funk, house music, and hip hop, the only rule when creating music together is that
there are no rules. 2017 will see the release of Super Hero Killer’s new five song EP,
Breath You Up and Breath You In.

Hands and Feet

“Hands and Feet…the sensation of bare feet in glowing sand and the sea
warm with color tickle your very being. Stephen Favazza captures you with melancholy
beats being fed happiness till they are a musical hymonculli pulsing with the very light
he hears.”

Hands and Feet is a one person electric/shoegaze project based out of St. Louis,
Missouri. Started in 2013 by Stephen Favazza, Hands and Feet has released two EPs, a
full-length, a cassingle, and is in the process of recording a new full-length.

The Bottle Rockets

When The Bottle Rockets hit the scene in the mid ‘90s, the world wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. With their punk-rock pedigrees and arena-rock energy, their tougher-than-Springsteen storytelling and their romantic hearts sewn bare on their denim sleeves, the pride of Festus, MO confounded musical generalities as they laid waste to clubs across the Midwest and then, soon enough, the nation.

Back in a time when the critical language and resulting idioms for mixing underground rock with country was in its infancy, The Bottle Rockets were fearlessly – and quite loudly – playing rootsy weepers alongside howling rave ups, with singer/guitarist Brian Henneman leading the charge as some sort of Roger Miller of the indie set. It’s a sound propped up (and hopped up) just as much on the pillars of Leslie West & Mountain as it was on those of the Ramones and the Clash.

Eric Donté

In a world where being yourself is not common and and living up to societies standards is. When it comes to fashion music or anything little thing people like to make it seem like there is a rule book saying what you can or can’t do. Doing what you want to do is the best option for you. There is no way you can please everyone because no matter what you choose to do there will always be someone who doesn’t like it and that’s fine.

Saint Louis artist dancer writer producer actor and model Eric Donté, 23, is here to prove just that. ED is not telling you not to care what people think, he’s encouraging you to not let it effect what you do. Eric Donté is a interesting individual with kind of a dark aura but always ways seems so cheerful. He has a bit of a homeless chic gender bending rockstar image but he likes to call his music Ghetto Trance. Eric Donté a few years back started the collective “Ugly Massacre” because he felt as if STL needed a small collective of artist models photographers and dancers to make this ground breaking vision work. UGLY stand for “Understand God Love’s You” meaning no thru thick and thin you still have the love of god not everyone is going to like you as mention earlier. Having a rough child hood and growing and things still haven’t really let up Eric Donté still since 5 years-old uses music and fashion as an outlet for self expression.

The Defeated County

The Defeated County is a St. Louis based, indie rock
band with strong pop and folk roots, fronted by song writer Langen Neubacher.

Pono AM

Pono AM has been a band since October ’16. Formed by members of Bucko
Toby, The Langaleers, and Rusty Pilgrim.

Sharon Hazel Township

Along with a RFT Nomination for Best Singer-songwriter, Cherokee Street District resident Sharon Hazel is the 2016
winner of the International Blues Society Soloist Competition for the St Louis Region.

Mt. Thelonious

MT. THELONIOUS knew they wanted to pay tribute to their mutual influence, American jazz legend Thelonious Monk. Though their sound is rooted the sounds and melodies of indie folk, they share the values and inventive energy of their namesake. Mt. Thelonious’ shows are characterized by their originality, spirit, and flair for improvisation. Monk once wrote, “a note can be small as a pin or as big as the world, it depends on your imagination”—listening to the band’s unique sound, it’s clear that Mt. Thelonious has taken this to heart.

In 2013, the trio collaborated with Grammy Award nominated recording engineer Adam Long, and produced their self-titled debut album. Since then, Mt. Thelonious has embarked on several national tours, cultivating growing fan bases in a number of US cities.